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Baptist Health South Florida Federal Credit Union members can rest assured knowing that their deposits are protected and insured up to at least $250,000 per individual depositor through the NCUA (National Credit Union Association), a federal agency that provides deposit insurance to credit unions. This means that in the unlikely scenario of a credit union failure, your deposits would be protected, and you would not lose your hard-earned money.

When you entrust your money to our federally insured credit union, your funds are safe regardless of economic downturns. We are committed to providing our members with the best possible service, and we take the responsibility of safeguarding your financial future very seriously. Thank you for choosing us as your financial partner.



NCUA provides helpful videos to give further insight into how share insurance works. Click the links below to view.

NCUA Consumer Report: Share Insurance Overview
NCUA Consumer Report: Share Insurance Account Ownership Types
NCUA Consumer Report: Share Insurance Estimator

If you want to know how much of your individual or joint funds are insured you can use the NCUA insurance calculator by clicking here.


Ownership Type Coverage Amount Applies To 
Individual $250,000

The total amount in your qualifying individual accounts, combined.

Joint $250,000 per owner

Amount for each account owner's interest in qualifying joint accounts, combined.

Retirement $250,000 per owner

The total amount in all of your traditional, Roth and SEP IRAs, combined. Beneficiaries do not change the coverage amount.

Payable on Death (POD) and Revocable Trust Up to $250,000 for each named beneficiary

The amount is per beneficiary, for each account owner. Special rules apply for accounts with six or more beneficiaries.


For more information on NCUA share insurance, please visit www.NCUA.gov.