This page has been created to educate members on a few of the most common scams to watch out for.

If you have any concerns regarding possible fraudulent calls, texts, or emails, please contact the Credit Union during our regular business hours at (786) 257-2300. If you received a check or direct deposit that you suspect may be fraudulent, please speak with a Credit Union Representative before withdrawing the funds.

Fake Checks Scam

The checks are fake, but they look real. In fact, they look so real that even employees in financial institutions may be fooled. Some are phony cashier’s checks or money orders; others look like they’re from legitimate accounts. The companies whose names appear may be real, but someone has created counterfeit checks without their knowledge.

In recent months, several people have unexpectedly received checks that seem to be drafted from our institution. We have determined that these are counterfeit Cashier Checks. The checks may come from Craigslist, OfferUp, job posting, online lotteries, auction websites, etc. Often, the sender will ask the recipient to deposit the check and then wire back a portion of the funds.

The Cashier Checks that we have encountered have a logo that may resemble the Credit Union’s logo, but it is not the same. The checks will often have a memo of “Certified Cash,” “Instant Cash,” “Authorized Cash,” etc. Though the check may look very real, it is counterfeit.

If you are selling goods online, do not accept a check and never wire money to a stranger. Think twice and question the legitimacy of checks from unknown senders. Remember if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

If you believe you have received a fraudulent check, do not communicate with the sender. You may bring the check to any BHSFFCU branch or call our Contact Center at 786-257-2300 for verification.

For additional information on these and other scam alerts, please visit the Federal Trade Commission's Scam Alerts page at 

You can also learn about scams that are active in your area by visiting the Better Business Bureau's Scam-Tracker site at